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Phony Chad Mayes joins GOP to keep 2/3 supermajority for tax votes

(Credit: Assemblyman Chad Mayes, Facebook)

Earlier this week the California Supreme Court voted that some citizen-backed local tax increases will no longer need a 2/3 supermajority to pass.

All this does is open the flood gates for special interest groups to work with legislators to cram more taxes down our throats.

Assembly Republican leaders are pushing back, and have announced that they want to amend the state constitution to solidify the 2/3 standard.

Former Assembly GOP Leader Chad Mayes (Yucca Valley) voted for the cap-and-trade gas tax along with 7 other Republicans, and now he's trying to say he's fighting for the taxpayers:

“This is a fight to defend a law that has protected Californians for decades. We are proud to stand with ordinary people who can’t afford higher taxes.”

Seriously?! What a phony!

Republicans need to put together the amendment language and then put it through the Democratic-controlled Legislature. They hope to have it in front of voters in June 2018.

Click here to read more at the Desert Sun.

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