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Gator hangs out in woman's backyard during 'Harvey'

Hurricane Harvey is now a tropical storm, but it's still one hell of a storm and it's displaced all kinds of critters.

One woman was startled to see a gator hanging out in her backyard. Missouri City, Texas resident Arlene Kelsch said:

"I see many tiny turtles, cuties swimming about. Sweet, right? Then I realize the piece of wood isn’t water, it’s a gator! I kept an eye out on him for an hour or so.”

When she checked back on the gator, it had moved a little closer to her house:

“’Holy crap!’ was my reaction. I felt relatively safe seeing them; it’s kind of cool. As long as I don’t open my door, I’m fine, but it’s still a little creepy."

On top of the backyard predator, Arlene said some frogs also broke into her home:

“I walked in front of my fireplace last night and a frog jumped in front of my feet!” 

After this storm, there are going to be all kinds of animals showing up in people's houses.

Click here for more at the New York Post.

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