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Florida police seek 'crapperman' for pooping behind a jewelry store

Police in Crestview, Florida are on the hunt for a man they've dubbed the "crapperman." Crapperman was caught on surveillance video pooping behind a jewelry store last week and leaving the mess behind.

A jewelry store employee said she nearly stepped in Crapperman's pile while she was walking to her car. Footage shows the bearded shirtless man dropping his pants and doing his business in the parking lot between two parked cars.

Police Chief Tony Taylor said:

“Incidents like these have a negative effect on the quality of life in our community. It’s just downright shameful when people don’t give a crap about their town. It really stinks.”

Police say they've searched for the suspect, but no one matching Crapperman's description has been found.

Click here for more at WKYC.

If you can stomach it, you can see a very gross video of Crapperman in action. You have been warned. Click here, if you dare.

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