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Democrats delay Newman recall

Today would have been the deadline for California Secretary of State Alex Padilla to certify the valid signatures needed to have a recall to oust Josh Newman.

But instead, today marks the start of a new shady bill from the Democrats that changes the recall rules and applies to Newman retroactively. It extends the recall timeline and delays any certification until early next year.

A Newman recall wouldn't happen until the June 2018 primary election, when there's likely to be more Democratic voters to turn out and keep Newman in place.

Within hours of Jerry Brown signing SB 117, The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and several voters in Newman's district sued Padilla to stop the changes. They say that SB 117 violates the due process rights of recall proponents and maintain that it was wrongly passed as a majority-vote budget trailer bill.

It should have required 2/3 vote, which is usually needed for urgency legislation.

We needed 63,953 valid signatures for a recall and we got way more than that, how can the Democrats smother the will of the people?!

No court date has been set, but hopefully Howard Jarvis can get this taken care of quickly and successfully.

Click here to read more at the Sacramento Bee.

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