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Animal activist gored by the same bull he was trying to protect

An animal rights activist was attacked by a bull in the middle of a bull fight, because he jumped into the ring in an attempt to protest the animal's freedom.

The protest didn't really work...

The man had been sitting in the stands with another woman before jumping into the arena in southern France. Local police said the man was "very lucky" to not be seriously hurt.

He was examined at a hospital, and the female activist who jumped into the ring with him was arrested. She was not gored.

Bullfighting is banned in most of France, but it is still allowed in some southern parts where it is protected as part of local traditions.

Who cares of it's a tradition? Many traditions are stupid, and bullfighting is one of them. But if you're going to protest the "sport," don't jump into the ring. That's just dumb.

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