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Naked sex offender broke into women's homes to try on lingerie

Curtis Sell - Lakewood Police Department

(Curtis Sell - Lakewood Police Department)

A nude sex offender who broke into at least three homes in Lakewood, Washington was arrested yesterday after evading police for several weeks.

They got an anonymous tip that led them to an attic where 53-year-old Curtis Sell was hiding. He was arrested on a warrant for failing to register as a sex offender.

Pierce County prosecutors have charged Sell with three counts of residential burglary with sexual motivation. Here's what this creep did.

Sell broke into the first apartment on August 2nd, when a woman woke up to him leaning over her bed wearing only condom and one of her headbands around his waist. Records show he made a "squealing type of animal noise."

The woman was able to shove him off and call the police. Then two hours later in the same apartment complex, another woman woke to find a nude Sell removing a window fan. He got halfway inside her bedroom when she screamed. He got startled and ran off.

Just before noon on the same day, another woman reported coming home and finding Sell inside her closet. He was wearing just a bra and was holding a pair of her underwear and a vibrator. He had also cut his hair, drank a soda, and opened her nail polish while he was there. 

He left after the woman repeatedly told him to go. Police found his camp near the apartments, where they also found his identification and a cell phone with pictures of him wearing women's lingerie. 

Sell was convicted in 1997 of second-degree child rape for having sex with 13-year-old girl in his trailer. He also has three convictions for failing to register as a sex offender.

This guy should never be let out, keep him locked up forever!

Click here to read more at The News Tribune.

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