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OC cyclists on edge over "butt dart" stunt

There's a new trend making the rounds on social media called the "butt dart" stunt. It involves pointing a finger gun, making a shooting noise, and yelling "butt dart!" at cyclists.

While the act seems silly and harmless, cyclists around Orange County are feeling intimidated. Several riders are considering filing a harassment suit against Chad Towersey, the man who started the whole thing.

Gven Sariol, a cycling safety advocate at the Sariol Legal firm in Santa Ana, told the OC Register:

“What we want is for (Towersey) to denounce this."

Towersey says he's performing and recording the stunt as a way to promote safe riding:

 “Please ride safe and obey the rules of the road — That is all we ask."

Law enforcement says the act isn't illegal, but cyclists are worried that the "butt dart" fad could create dangerous situations.

Chad Towersey joined us this afternoon to talk more:

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