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Josh Newman can now get unlimited sums of money to fight recall

Credit: Josh Newman - Twitter

Today the California Fair Political Practices Commission voted to flip its longstanding opinion on contribution limits, and allow candidates to give as much money as they want to help Josh Newman fight the recall.

Before the change, the FPPC interpreted the law to man that candidates couldn't give Newman more than $4,400 each.

A lawyer for the Senate Democrats first asked the agency to consider flipping the rule back in June.

Commissioners Brian Hatch, Maria Audero and Allison Hayward supported the decision. Chair Jodi Remke was the only one who voted against the change. She said the decision could be seen as a political move, and could possibly damage the agency's reputation.

This is another shady move from the Democrats. Last week we learned that the lawyer for the Senate Democrats met in secret with commissioner Brian Hatch to discuss this change. They exchanged texts, emails, and talked on the phone.

Hatch, who was in strong favor of the change during the process, never disclosed his meetings with the lawyer.

Click here to read more at the Sacramento Bee.

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