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Male stripper arrested for stabbing 'cannibal' boyfriend in the eyes

Justin Calhoun - Key West Police Department

(Justin Calhoun - Key West Police Department)

A male stripper in Florida thought his boyfriend was a cannibal, so he stabbed him in the eyes and jammed a piece of wood down his throat.

24-year-old Justin Calhoun is looking at second-degree attempted murder charges after being arrested in Key West for the attack on 67-year-old Mark Brann.

Brann has since died of his injures from the brutal attack.

Calhoun told police that he and Brann were in a sexual relationship, and they started arguing because he thought Brann was a cannibal.

According to Calhoun, Brann picked up a gun on a nearby bed. Calhoun said he was able to wrestle the gun out of Brann's hands and tried to shoot him, but the weapon jammed.

So instead, Calhoun took a pen and stabbed Brann in both eyes and then shoved a piece of wood from a broken dresser into his mouth to "silence him."

Calhoun then stomped on the wood to lodge it further into Brann's mouth and assaulted him with a dresser drawer. He then locked out Brann's roommate and escaped out a window in the nude.

He climbed on rooftops for several hours before cops were able to capture him. Brann was taken to a hospital in Miami where he died the next day. 

A sheriff's spokesperson said Calhoun was put in a private cell because he self-identified as female when booked.

Calhoun is in jail with no bail. Click here for more at the New York Post.

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