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Dairy farm uses cow poop to power feeding truck and farm

Straus Family Creamery up in West Marin County is doing something interesting with its cow manure. The poop is being used as a way to power the farm and the feeding truck for the cows.

In 2004, Albert Straus created a system that liquefies cow poop in a holding pond. The contraption then captures the methane and uses it as fuel.

Straus told KPIX:

“It will be the future and it will be a way to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly."

Straus says the truck feeds the cows, the cows poop, and the poop is then used to power the truck, a process he calls "closing the loop."

While many environmentalists argue that dairy farms are bad for the environment, Straus says:

“It’s not ‘either/or.’ It’s, ‘How can we pull all the pieces together to really make a viable community farming system?'”

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