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Chinese woman tried to mail baby to orphanage

A 24-year-old mother in China is under investigation after she tried to mail her newborn baby to an orphanage last week.

The mother, whose last name is Luo, admitted to wrapping her baby in a plastic bag. She's currently in custody for suspected child abandonment, according to local police.

A delivery driver found the child through his route when he was startled from shrieks and cries coming from the package.

The newborn was soaked in sweat as it was 98 degrees that day. While waiting for police to arrive, nearby residents tried to hydrate the baby by dabbing wet cotton balls on her mouth.

Luckily the baby is in stable condition, but a rep from the Jin’an District Hospital where she was taken said:

"Police have identified the mother, who said she would take the baby home.”

CNN reports that China's family-planning policies and cultural preference for boys have left many girls susceptible to being abandoned.

How sad is that? Hopefully this baby can find a good home. That mother should be nowhere near her.

Click here for more at the New York Post.

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