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Utah man with massive facial tumor receives outpouring of support

22-year-old Lucas McCulley from Idaho was born with his lymphangioma, a rare but benign kind of tumor that grows in the neck or head and can block a person's breathing.

He told KTVB:

"I'm in pain from the moment I wake up and right until I go to sleep."

Lucas had 24 surgeries before he was 10, but now he's been denied disability payments:

"That's their problem, you can't prove pain, anybody can say they are in a bunch of pain but can't prove it. They said that my vision is fine, I'm good enough to go work in the back of a place."

KTVB ran a story on Lucas, and after it aired his community gave him overwhelming support. His GoFundMe has raised over $60,000 and has a goal of $125,000.

His story continues to pick up steam, and has even caught the attention of the TV show "The Doctors." Lucas says he wants to talk with his local doctor first to see how much the procedure will cost, and he promises to keep his fans and donors updated:

"Everybody that has donated deserves to know what happens, when they contribute and help they deserve to know how the story goes and how the story ends."

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