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Florida woman drove for two days with dead daughter's body

Erica Newsome (West Virginia Regional Jail & Correctional Facility Authority)

(Erica Newsome - West Virginia Regional Jail & Correctional Facility Authority)

37-year-old Erica Newsome from Florida drove for two days with her dead 11-year-old daughter in her truck, before crashing her car into a guard rail in West Virginia.

That's where witnesses say they saw Newsome dragging her dead daughter's body into the woods.

According to a report from The Pocahontas Times, Newsome told police after the crash that she was driving her daughter, Kaye-lea Plummer, to her father's home in Buffalo, New York.

State Police Sgt. Herby Barlow said it was clear that the girl did not die from injuries in the car accident.

Newsome was jailed on $50,000 bail and was charged with concealing her Kaye-lea Plummer's body.

The father, Donath Plummer, said that Newsome texted him Saturday morning that she was bringing Kaye-lea to see him. 

Plummer and Newsome married in 2007 but separated two years later. He hadn't seen her or their daughter since they went to Jacksonvillle in 2014, but he would check in on the phone.

Plummer said of Newsome:

"We didn't always agree on everything, but she was a great mother. I don't know how this could have happened. Something is very, very wrong. She needs help. She really needs help."

Click here for more at the Orlando Sentinel.

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