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Man trying to cheat drug test busted after urine-filled condom pops

Daryl Anthony Koger - Monroe County District Attorney's Office

(Daryl Anthony Koger - Monroe County District Attorney's Office)

A Pennsylvania prosecutor says a popping noise thwarted a man's attempt to cheat on his court-ordered drug test.

The Monroe County District Attorney says the popping noise came from 21-year-old Daryl Anthony Koger, who used scissors to cut open a condom filled with clean urine.

Koger smuggled the urine into the probation office on July 31st so he could submit a clean sample and pass his test.

Officials found the broken condom and scissors when they searched Koger after hearing the popping noise while he was supposed to be peeing into a cup.

Koger is charged with furnishing drug-free urine and possessing an instrument of crime, which are the scissors.

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