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Kevin de León got nearly $100K right after the gas tax passed

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Just weeks after Jerry Brown rammed a $52 billion gas tax down our throats, crooked Kevin de León's campaign account got nearly $100,000 from construction and engineering firms.

De León, who is termed out, has yet to announce what his political future will be, but his pockets are already fat with cash.

He hasn't declared his candidacy, but he does have a political action committee set up for a 2018 run for lieutenant Governor.

That committee took in $1.4 million in political contributions this year, making his total $2.8 million. He has more than twice as much money as any of the candidates who are actively campaigning to be the next lieutenant Governor.

He has all that cash, and he hasn't even announced anything yet!

De León's long list of supporters include:

  • Los Angeles philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad
  • Planned Parenthood organizations
  • Former Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez
  • Renewable energy companies

Right after the gas tax passed, he got close to $100,000 from construction and engineering companies in late April and in early May. He also got $7,300 from the Engineering and Utility contractors Association, Granite Construction, and a few other construction firms.

Emily Cohen is the vice president of United Contractors. She said the organization has been a longtime supporter of Kevin de León, and organized a fundraiser for him:

“We’ve supported Kevin for years. We’ve supported a lot of legislators on both sides of the aisle. We’ve supported Kevin before there was any kind of bill.”

What a bunch of slimy people. Everyone's making money, and you're getting punished for driving your car.

Read more at the L.A. Times.

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