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Jeff Sessions threatens to punish 'sanctuaries' Stockton and San Bernardino

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is threatening to punish four "sanctuary cities" plagued by violence, by denying them the resources to fight crime unless they step up and help deport and detain illegal aliens.

The Justice Department sent letters to four cities:

  • Baltimore
  • Albuquerque
  • Stockton
  • San Bernardino

All of the cities expressed interest in the Justice Department's new Public Safety Partnership, which uses technology, analysts, and federal agents to help cities find solutions to crime.

Sessions said in a statement:

“By taking simple, common-sense considerations into account, we are encouraging every jurisdiction in this country to cooperate with federal law enforcement. That will ultimately make all of us safer — especially law enforcement on our streets.”

The police departments of the four cities must show proof of their compliance by August 8th.

In June the Justice Department chose 12 cities to get aid from the Public Safety Partnership. They were chosen based on higher-than-average violence rates and willingness to get the aid and training.

The only way the cities can move forward is to prove that they will allow direct and clear communication between police and federal immigration authorities.

They must give agents access to jails in order to question the people detained, and must give 48 hours' notice when an illegal alien is about to be released.

Click here to read more at the San Bernardino Sun.

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