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Gross creep said he had sex with a donkey because he was high

Everett Lee Compton - Benton County Detention Center

(Everett Lee Compton - Benton County Detention Center)

An Arkansas man is accused of sneaking onto his neighbor's property and having sex with a donkey. The creep, Everett Lee Compton, blamed his disgusting acts on marijuana, claiming that it made him do "sick things."

Emert and Joyce Whitaker are the donkey's owners. They complained to authorities that someone had been slipping onto their property and harassing their donkeys for 3 years.

Emert installed "No Trespassing" and "Do Not Feed Animals" signs around his property, and also installed a surveillance camera which caught someone breaking in on May 27th and June 4th.

The footage shows creepy Compton putting a bag over the donkey's head and then placing his pelvis behind it.

On July 5th and 6th more images show him feeding the donkeys before proceeding to molest them again.

When police arrived to another reported break in on July 16th, they found 49-year-old Compton hiding in the bushes. He claimed he was just feeding the animals some carrots. When confronted with the images of him molesting the donkey, he said he had smoked marijuana and that's what made him do it.

Compton was charged with 4 counts of criminal trespassing, bestiality, and cruelty to animals.

He'll be in court on September 11th.

Click here to read more at Arkansas Online.

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