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Al Gore's house uses 34 times more electricity than the average U.S. house

(Last night Gore appeared on a "Climate Crisis" town hall with Anderson Cooper on CNN. Above is the full video, if you can stomach it.)

A new report from National Center for Public Policy Research reveals that in just this past year, Al Gore used enough energy to power the average American household for more than 21 years.

He burned through 230,889 kilowatt hours (kWh) at his Nashville residence, which includes his home, pool and driveway entry gate electricity meters.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the typical home uses an average of 10,812 kWh of electricity per year.

Last September alone, Gore used 30,993 kWh of electricity, enough to power 34 average American houses for a month. And over the last 12 months, he used more electricity to heat his swimming pool than 6 homes use in a year.

Al Gore was called out on his hypocrisy after the first "Inconvenient Truth" came out, so he spent nearly $250,000 on green renovations to his house.

But that still hasn't been enough to offset his massive energy use. Because he consumes so much, his rooftop solar panel array produces just 5.7% of the electricity that he uses. It's just enough to power his house for a sad 21 days a year.

Gore also owns a penthouse in San Francisco and a farmhouse in Carthage, Tennessee, plus he flies all over the world to preach his climate change sermons.

The guy is a total fraud and a phony. He's just like those TV preachers who scam and steal money from old ladies. 

Click here to read more at the Daily Caller.

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