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Satan's Lake of Fire featuring O.J. Simpson

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Today we have a slightly different version of Satan's Lake of Fire, today we have Satan's Lake of dissolution. 

We're dissolving this week's evil hack because of a story we read this week, about a California bill that would make it legal to dissolved corpses.

The argument behind the bill is that cremation and traditional casket burials are bad for the climate and leave a large carbon footprint. Save the planet, dissolve yourself!

We liked the idea of dissolving, and we've got the perfect person to dissolve. O.J. Simpson. He's long overdue for this, and we don't need to explain why.

But just in case you forgot, you can click here to view those gruesome crime scene photos. This guy is a disgusting murder and he deserves to be dissolved!

The whole gang is here! Svitlana, the Serbians who love Trump, the illegal alien Polish workers who helped build Trump Tower, the Ukrainians, and the Turkish bodyguards, grab O.J Simpson and give him what he deserves!

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