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Man has big toe transplanted onto hand after his thumb was ripped off

20-year-old Zac Mitchell was working on a farm in Australia when a cow knocked him down and trampled over him, kicking his hand and crushing his thumb against a gate.

He didn't realize right away how bad the injury was until he looked down and saw his thumb hanging on the gate, then he felt tremendous pain.

After to failed attempts to reattach his thumb, doctors have now taken one of Mitchell's big toes and put it in the place of his old thumb.

He said:

"The surgeon explained that [a prosthetic thumb] was pretty pointless and useless in a way, so he talked me into getting my toe put on as sort of my last option."

Dr. Sean Nicklin said the toe has similar characteristics to a thumb, and is a better option than anything to replace it:

"You can connect the nerves and get good sensation, you can get the tendons, you can get the movement. And although it's a bit big, it actually looks more like a thumb than other things that we might do. So you just know that it's going to be the best replacement for a thumb."

Zac Mitchell has only had a little bit of trouble with his balance since the procedure, and he hopes to get back to his hobby of bull riding by Christmas.

Try getting into a thumb war with that guy!

Read more at The Sun.

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