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Leaks and Drainage … After the Storm

Falling rain

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During a storm the best we can do with roof leaks and yard drainage issues is get out the buckets and sandbags. But FAR MORE IMPORTANTLY once the storm has passed, HOW DO WE GO ABOUT FIXING WHAT WENT WRONG?

How do you track down a leak?

  • Open the drywall and follow the water.
  • Follow horizontal members
  • Look for likely culprits upslope - penetrations, broken shingles, flashings
Leaking Roof

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How do you know your roof needs replacing?

  • Multiple leaks
  • Curled up shingles
  • Rock granules on ground after a rain
  • Rusted flashing
  • Age: 20-25 years

What to do with clogged or buried area drains?

  • Map the drain system
  • Scope for slope, obstruction, and damage
  • Alter the drain head
  • Add drain - linear French or multiple drain heads
  • Reduce the hardscape and allow for absorption.

How to get control of intrusion?

  • Waterproofing
  • Soil against stucco w/o weep screed
  • Lower grade
  • Never send water towards the house
  • French drains - holes angled down-ish, LARGE rock surrounding

How to get control of erosion?

  • Goal is to hold the soil, maximize absorption, and slow the flow of runoff
  • Plants! Especially with deep roots.
  • Straw wattles
  • Burlap netting
  • Benching with swales - Soils Solutions concrete cloth

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