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20 Predictions and Trends for 2023

Year number 2023 over red background. Happy new 2023.

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With 2023 here and the International Builders Show just 3 weeks away, the Home Improvement industry is gearing up and trying to predict where things are headed. Here are 20 predictions and trends for this year!

1. Electrification - induction cooktops, heat pumps, soft start AC, solar with smart back-up batteries

2. The return of the “Keeping” Room

3. Fixing the Dining Room

4. Nostalgic design

5. Herringbone

Close Up Shot of Child's Legs on the Wooden Floor

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6. Art Deco

7. Matte Gold

8. Deep moody colors

9. Bold, Rich Powder Rooms

10. Sculptural Lighting

11. Universal Remotes replaced by CEC

young man with a bunch of remote controls

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12. Tiled Ceilings

13. Serious Kitsch

14. The Gallery Effect - Contemporary design as a backdrop for anything

15. Details - from doilies and hinges, to door casings and air-conditioning registers

16. Houseplants

Open plan living space in residential house with natural light and retro furniture

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17. Wood counters

Home kitchen interior

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18. Intentional Lighting

19. Floating Bathrooms - vanities, toilets, everything off the floor

20. 45º flooring

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