SHEDS - The Office Right Outside Your Backdoor

Lighted garden shed

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Office, Man Cave, She Shed, Craft Room, Art Studio, Kids Playroom, Gym, Sauna … There are many ways to utilize a well planned shed to provide additional living space without adding on to the house (often a BIG mistake) or going all the way to an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit)

Why is adding on to a house usually NOT a great idea?

  • The original plan wasn’t made for it.
  • Rarely do additions help the rest of the house. They only push your problems farther out.
  • More “space” is rarely the answer. Most homes need more “spaciousness" and “flow.”Space is an absolute mathematical quantity. Spaciousness and flow are psychological/emotional factors.

Why is a shed a better idea than adding on?

  • Much much cheaper
  • Easier to permit
  • Easier to build.
  • Doesn’t screw up the house.
  • Might actually help the backyard - destinations

Do you need a permit for a shed?

  • Intended Use - If your plan is to build a shed and make it a working, business, or living space, then you'll need to get a permit from the local zoning department.
  • Electricity and Wiring - You'll need a permit if you plan to wire electricity through your shed.
  • Building Size - You may need to get a permit for the size or height of your shed.
  • Installation Placement - Your local code may have specific mandates on how close a shed can be to your home, trees, property line, fence or other buildings.
  • Homeowners Association - Be sure that you are not breaking any HOA rules and covenants.

Does a shed need a foundation?

Doing a shed right …

  • Position
  • Insulation
  • Finished interior/exterior
  • Power
  • Heating & AC
  • WiFi
  • Light

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