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HOME with Dean Sharp: Filling Cracks and Holes

Did you know??? Painting is the #1 home improvement project!

But a good paint job consists of about 90% prep -- and most prep is patching and filling, AKA 'caulking'.

Caulking comes from the Latin word 'calx', meaning chalk or limestone. And it's best known for filling long linear cracks, seams and joints at inside corners, (like where your tile floor meets the bathtub wall).

According to Dean, 100% silicone is one of the best caulks around... That's because he says it doesn't shrink, and has great adhesion and permanent flexibility! However, it's not paintable and is a pain to finish thanks to the film it leaves behind.

Also keep in mind that caulk is NOT for nail holes!!! It'll just shrink, and you'll be unable to sand it.

How to pick the right caulk:

Caulk comes in both 10oz and 'builder grade' 29oz tubes.

But first, make sure you read the label to fit your application -- interior, exterior, window & door, tub 7 tile. Then, Dean suggests you purchase the most expensive caulking you can because they flex more, shrink less, and resist cracking better than the others. Trust us, it'll be worth every penny!

Snip the tip, start small and at a 45º angle, then you're ready to go!

For more tips and tricks on caulking, check out the Home with Dean Sharp podcast!

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