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The Mysterious World of Textiles

In interior design, “textile” means any product that’s woven or made of fabric. This includes any throw pillows, blankets, carpets, upholstry, wall art and window treatments.

To some, these may seem like trivial afterthoughts that take a back seat to the “real” remodeling of construction, but each of these fields are actually vast and complex trades with technical aspects, that can easily confound any builder!

So... Exactly how important are the finishing touches to your remodel or renovation?

Extremely important! Sometimes we start with them to determine the story the remodel will tell... And they are the end game as well.

But while textiles may seem like accessories, or the last design elements, they’re actually the opposite!

They can serve as the inspiration for the space, providing a color palette upon which to build the room. So when you’re not sure where to start with a room, turn to a rug, accent chair or even a throw pillow you love to give you a sense of direction and find your story.

And once you have your color palette in place, stick to it!!! Using too many colors in a room can make it feel hectic and confusing. But you can still add visual interest by mixing patterns.

Also, keep in mind that light changes everything...

Here's a few more things to remember in the mysterious world of textiles:

1. Textiles finish the story… so make sure you have one to start with!
2. There is a difference between curtains and drapes, blinds and shades.
3. Curtains and drapes need more material than just the opening width and height.
4. Think about how you’re going to clean that carpet.
5. Think about how you’re going to clean that sofa.
6. And finally, upholstry costs are all about labor!

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