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#KFISupportsSmallBusinesses: Old Town Roasting

During these trying times, the House Whisperer crew wants to show its support for small businesses.

Today we are honoring no other than the best coffee roasters in Southern California, the Old Town Roasting company.

We may be biased since Shawn, the mastermind behind this, is Dean and Tina's brother-in-law but the coffee truly is amazing.

Old Town Roasting buys the best green coffee available, roasts coffee on a per-order basis to ensure freshness. sell their coffee by the pound within the same price-point as competitors’ 12 oz bags, build community around coffee and coffee education, AND they donate 20% of their profits to charity.

To make things even better, Shawn has even roasted his very own "House Whisperer" blend for us and our listeners. When things are safe again and we can host a live audience show, we'll be sure to bring this blend for you guys to try!

So do us a favor, order yourself a blend. Your home and you deserve good coffee. One of the Old Town Roasting customers said it best, "If we’re stuck here til May at the earliest, we might as well drink good coffee. Scratch that... DAMN good coffee. ☕️".

Coffee not your thing? No worries, they also blend decaf and teas! They're just as good!!

Old Town Roasting

Phone Number: 866-43-COFFEE (6333)

Website: OldTownRoasting.com

Instagram: @OldTownRoasting

To order your own blend today, click here. Shawn said you can even order a House Whisperer blend if you message him!

Leave any questions for them here!

Thank you for your support! Stay strong, stay safe, and shop local! #KFISupportsSmallBusinesses

Listen to Dean's conversation with Shawn below:

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