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Daylighting: The #1 Design Element for Every Home

The House Whisperer spent this beautiful Sunday morning talking about the #1 design element for every home as we look into the 21st century... Daylighting!

So, what exactly is daylighting? It's when you bring natural light into the indoors. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, humans in modern cities spend upwards of 90% of their lives indoors! So it's time we bring some of that light in...

There are (at least) 10 benefits of natural light:

Boosts Vitamin D storage

Higher productivity

Benefits vision


Improves mood

Reduces mildew and mold growth

Statistically the brighter the space the cleaner the space

Bright homes list higher and sell faster

Bright homes are more beautiful

Bright homes prove good design

Take a listen to Dean break it all down for you below:

Natural light can do a LOT for your home. Try it out for yourself!

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