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The Art of Demolition

The way of life is that everything gets demoed.

When it comes to demolition in your home the goals are to be surgical, precise, clean, and efficient.

Trickier than it looks, but it can be easier than it looks.

The secret to a successful demolition project is to understand that things are only strong in limited ways

So Dean Sharp decided to share all sorts of tips, tricks, and techniques to demoing. Check them out below:

Safety gear:

Enough but not too much

Breathing protection


Long sleeves

Hard hats and visors

Steal toed boots

The safest item for demo … a friend


Dig Alert - 811

Power off

Water off

Gas off



Shop vacs


Brooms & dust pans or shovels (debris, coal, snow)


It's better to use tools of precision than blunt instruments

Hammers - demo, sledge

Saws - sawmill, circular

Wonder bar, cat’s paw

Breaker bar

Large hand held cutter pliers


Drywall - pull it off or push it off from the back side

Framing - slam studs sideways, cut nails with saw

Plumbing - cut threaded pipes unless there’s a union

Electrical - test for power

Cut wires first

Concrete - the most intimidating of demo tools

Brittle is the key

Begin at edges so cracked pieces have somewhere to go, room to move

Have water ready if using a saw

For more information, listen to Dean explain it all below:

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