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Tips For Hanging Objects In Your Home

Decorating is an important part of your home! Naturally, you're going to want to hang up things in your home to add to your design. Lucky for you, the House Whisperer shares his tips about hanging objects in the wall. No one wants an unnecessary hole in their home.

What you need to know first

What’s the wall type? It could be drywall, plaster, concrete, etc. This is an important first step.

What’s the weight?

Where are the anchor points on the item? It could be a toothed bar, drilled hole, D-Rings (add wire if possible) or even nothing. If it's nothing make your own.

Types of hanging

Into wood - siding, studs or ply (if it’s a shear wall)

Stud finders - Franklin ProSensor 710+ Bubble Level - $55

Bosch GMS 120 Wall Scanner - $55

Angled nails

Coarse thread drywall screws

Expansion anchors

Great for concrete but beware for drywall - gypsum is soft

Hollow wall anchors

Butterfly bolts

Expansion sleeves that spread behind the drywall

Monkey hooks - brilliant!

Surface anchors - adhesive, velcro, etc. - if it’ll hold it’s soooo easy

Prefer hooks with earthquake safety tabs

How high?

Eye level - 57”-63”, average your adult household members

Level with tops of other elements - windows, doors, sconce lights

How to measure

Avoid the gimmicky tools

The BEST object hanging tool you can acquire … a friend!

Test the object’s hook position - how far from top?

Find desired position on the wall

Mark top height (blue tape)

Mark center (on the blue tape)

Subtract the distance to the hanger

We hope these tips help! But Sometimes the best thing is NOT to hang it - use an easel. Consider both options.

For more information, listen to Dean explain it below:

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