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The House Whisperer's DIY Tool Guide

New year, new tools? Dean Sharp shares his do-it-yourself tool techniques for everyone who has no idea how to use their tools correctly.

Most important carpentry tool: pencil

Carpenter’s pencils look the way they do because:

• Won't roll away, strong

• Easy to grab

• Comfortable to hold

• Can make a thicker line if necessary

• You can sharpen with a knife your first task in woodworking is learning to sharpen your pencil avoid gizmos … develop skills!

How to mark wood:

• Crow’s foot, thickness of the line, what side of the line will you cut?


Pop Quiz: Seven basic tools - the inclined plane, the wedge, the screw, the gear, the wheel, the pulley, and the lever.

Splitting wood - drilling pilot holes and blunting the tip


Pilot hole

Gently initial pressure with slow turns

Same with removing but opposite


Slow rotation

Increase pressure and speed until the bit finds its way

If screws - same as screwdriver


Again … leverage … don’t choke up and use the right gear

You’re in the right gear when the handles are close enough to get a good squeeze on

Pliers are for round objects without flat sides that a wrench can slide onto


Much easier than pliers

Don’t choke up

Careful to support the other side with a reverse wrench

because its easier … don’t over tighten!


Stable surface

Don’t over support both ends … let the cut fall away

Practice leaving the line … the ⅛” blade removal

Blade rotates upward so put veneers face down

Use the right blade for the right job (fast rip vs. clean crosscut) - 14 tooth demo, 24 framing, 40 plywood, 60-80 finish, 80+ veneers & laminates

Saw in line with shoulder, don't stand behind

Notch guide good for long rips, otherwise see the blade make the cut

Measure twice, cut once

For more information, listen to Dean's tips below.

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