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Making The Design of Your Home Vintage

For some 20 years there has been a place in Pasadena where those seeking to do period home restoration or add a touch of old world authenticity to their decor can find all manor of authentic hardware, fixtures, and house parts, all carefully curated and available for sale to the general public.

Pasadena Architectural Salvage - one of just a very small handful of places in Southern California where you can find such things in abundance, partly because it’s a very niche business and partly because it requires lots of effort and expertise.

Their focus is historic house parts from the 1880s to 1950, some midcentury, and our store includes materials from all styles of houses native to Southern Calfornia - Spanish, Craftsman, Victorian, Streamline Moderne, California bungalows and ranch houses, Storybook, mid-century.

Chris has been with the store since the beginning. His father was a contractor and he was raised with an emphasis on restoration. Has a background in construction, woodwork, refinishing, blacksmithing and electrical.

After 23 years as a television executive at FOX, Wendy took early retirement, and soon afterward took advantage of an opportunity to invest in this business. Currently lives in a 1924 Spanish house in Hollywood which has been restored with period-appropriate details.

Their other partner is Jerry Hernandez, who not only runs the plumbing showroom, and is extremely well-versed in everything to do with vintage fixtures, but he also knows an enormous amount about everything else in the store. He is very popular with our customers because not only is he a valuable resource, but also incredibly helpful and patient.

A lot of their inventory comes from structures within 20 miles of our store.Sometimes they do the demos ourselves, we are also well-connected with lots of contractors, developers, realtors, and homeowners in Los Angeles.

They receive multiple emails every day, asking if we want to purchase items, and we also have some out-of-state sources for materials. We have an idea of what items customers are requesting and what sells the best, so we buy accordingly.

They even have people who make donations because they want us to “find a good home” for their historic house parts, rather than have them end up in a dumpster.

In the picture above, it shows the windows Dean and Tina bought for their own home!

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