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Tips On How To Protect Your Home From Fire Damage

The Tick Fire Burns In Canyon Country, California

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One of the dis-benefits of living in California is the constant risk of being at risk to a wildfire. Some places are at a higher risk than others and the House Whisperer has found some tips that can protect your home from fire damage in case of a fire.

If you live in a high fire risk zone and could possibly be evacuated. Coat your home with fire gel before you go.

Go to Firegel.com.

Fire Gel costs about $500 for an average size home. Store it indefinitely in your garage. Once you know the house is at risk you take out the jugs, hook them up to a garden hose and spray the gel on the house, the patio furniture, the plants, ANYTHING you don’t want to burn.

Then evacuate. It clings on and lasts for 24 hours. Afterward, just hose it off. No staining, no residue.

To protect your windows, you can go to armorcentric.com. This website will get you the bulletproof window film that will protect them in case of a fire.

Vulcan Vents are designed to be fire and ember safe.

An ember catching screen blocks dangerous embers during ember attacks before the fire arrives. When a wildfire nears and the ventreaches the critical temperature,the intumescent coating on the matrix structure expands, creating an insulating barrier from fire and embers.

To get yours, please go to Vulcanvents.com.

For more information, listen to Dean explain it all below:

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