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The One With The Television Advice

How do you relax?

Most of us enjoy sitting on the couch and watching television.

There's something about a good movie or TV show that can make everything right. For Dean, his soft spot is 90's sitcoms.

Because of the importance of TV's in our homes when it comes to entertainment, Dean decided to break it down for everyone.

First off, the best advice Dean can give you. Don't buy the most expensive TV. Prices always come down.

As always … prices are coming down, bigger TVs will be within reach for many shoppers. 2019 saw a 24% manufacturing increase of 60”+ size. In 2020 the average price of a 4K will be well below $900.

Now okay, you're shopping for TV's. Which one do you get? TV terminology can be confusing.

Basically a 4K is the new standard resolution 4,000 horizontal lines.

If you want a HDR,High Dynamic Range, it should be for a higher peak brightness, lower black, and wider color capability.Think of it as giving your TV a larger box of crayons to play with. Standard 4K’s can display about 17 million colors. HDR can display up to a billion.

See the difference?

Most new TV's are Smart TV's now. What defines a TV to be smart? They are able to access internet to play streaming and premium content directly. Plus they are voice activated - universal access is a good thing.

Still not sure if you want a TV? Well according to the House Whisperer, It's the golden age of TV. TV is better than many movies. Writers have control and it takes longer to tell a story

If cable is too much for you, Dean suggests cutting the cord and getting internet based TV such as Hulu, Sling, or YouTube.

For more information, listen to Dean explain it all below!

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