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Slamming the Door on Bad Designs

Doors are symbols of transition, portals of change, therefore in the toolbox of good design they’re often the first chance you get to set the tone and theme of a space.

So here’s a tragedy … 70%, maybe more, of the homes in So Cal have the same doors in them. You all know what they look like. Some are flat slabs, others are wood grainy textured recessed panels. If you’re at home there’s a good chance you can see one right now - “builder’s doors”

The House Whisperer suggests that if you’re shopping for tools you want to find builder grade tools, but in just about every other category (especially finish materials for your home) “builders grade is NOT a compliment. Builders grade doesn’t mean industrial or commercial grade. It means “cheap!!”

Dean's design clients will all tell you he is merciless when it comes to cheap doors. Custom homes deserve quality custom doors. He doesn't mean specialty doors that break the bank. He just mean good, solid doors that support the style decisions that we’re working so hard to shift for the better.

Many of you have had this thought, “I’m trying so hard to change the style of my house but all my efforts seem like they lack potency somehow.” It’s because you haven’t changed the doors!

So what would you like to know about doors? Let’s start with some basics.

Doors have rails and stiles. A typical stiles are about 4”, same with top rail,bottom rail usually 8-9”

They also come with panels, which means they are raised, flat, glass.

Doors without panels are slab doors and have a skin about ⅛” thick on both sides

Door heights average around 6’8” and 8’

Their thickness can typically be measured int 1 3/8”, ext 1 3/4.

More important stuff to know about doors …

The edge of a door is not supposed to be square? - 3º bevel

How many hinges? 6’8” interior 2-3 or 8’ interior 4. For exterior doors min of 3 hinges

The most important hinge on a door? - top hinge carries most of the weight. So when it’s time to adjust we look to sucking in the top hinge

Don’t overlook hinge design!

For more information, listen to Dean explain it all below!

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