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The Art Of Framing In Your Home

The design of our home is one of the most notable things our visitors notice right away. An easy way to personalize your home is by framing.

There's multiple designs options you can do with framing.

You can choose to hang up art or personal pictures.

No matter what you go with there are four important goals for putting stuff on your wall.

They are....

To be artistic, accurate, secure, and non-destructive.

But before you start hanging stuff up in your home. You need to know the House Whisperer's Framing guide!!

Don't feel bad about that. Most of us don’t decorate our homes with priceless fine art. That doesn’t mean they aren’t meaningful or worth framing well. Perhaps even more so.

The Basics of Framing:

• Acid Free matting

• Rear dust cover

• Glass or Acrylic face treated to filter UV

• Oil on canvas - no glass, sunlight ok

• Water colors and textiles - keep away from direct sunlight

The choice to mat or not to mat:

• Most pieces look best in a mat - gives a little space, context, pause, and punctuation

• Exceptions: Large format photography, diptychs and triptychs, collages

What mat color should you use:

• White/off-white almost always works -

• Otherwise choose a color inside the art that you want to draw out

Should you add moulding to your frames:

• Do you want to let the art speak on its own or compliment it

• floating mat works for items with dimension or a sense of one of a kind

Can you use hangers to frame:

• Sawtooth can hold the frame away from wall at an angle - use simple nail

• Wire can swing like a pendulum - use two hooks

• D rings with offsets are my favorite

I know it sounds like a lot! But I promise you won't regret it. Framing properly can make a HUGE difference.

For more information, listen to Dean explain it all below!

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