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Handel..err..Jane Wells And The House Whisperer On The Weirdest Design Jobs

Jane Well is in for Bill Handel and she took us on a wild ride.

She was brave enough to ask Dean about some of the weirdest design jobs he's worked on.

Believe it or not, but Dean has been asked to make a safe room before.

If you think that's strange, then you should hear about the pool room he made that also had a pool.

Are you confused?

So are we.

Apparently it's a room where you can play pool, but it's overlooking an actual swimming pool. According to Dean, it cost well over $87,000. Wow! That's crazy.

More interesting things in his list include a shooting range, bowling alleys, wine caves, turn table parking garages, and so much more!

Listen to Dean's and Jane's conversation below. You're not going to want to miss out!

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