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The Hard Work of Hardwood

Nah, it doesn't actually have to be much harder. And even it it takes a little more, what is one of the first things you notice when you walk in to anyone's home? You may notice a structural feature, the color scheme and the general vibe, but right up there, maybe even first, is the floor you're walking on. It makes a huge difference.

Hardwood flooring is classy and classic. They can last a century if you take care of them. In the past, people wanted a high gloss look. Now the trends of hardwood are moving more toward the rustic "raw" finishes. One of the hottest is a smoked French white oak plank.

If you use engineered or plywood, you want as many layers as possible.

Dean goes over the difference between hardwood and softwood. Here's a quick breakdown:

Hardwoods are deciduous trees that have broad leaves and stop growing in the winter.

• They reproduce with a fruit or nut (angisperm)

• Some hardwood trees are oak, ash, cherry, maple, poplar

Softwoods are coniferous trees with thin leaves or needles that grow year round.

• They reproduce with cones (gymnosperm)

• Some softwood trees include pine, redwood, douglas-fir, cypress, larch

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