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The Essentials Of An Air Conditioning Unit

Near-Record Heat Wave Grips U.S. East Coast, Midwest

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Summer is upon us.

The sun comes out, the weather heats up, and our HVAC stop working.

Because that's just our luck.

What a HVAC?

HVAC, which stands for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, is the single most complex system in your home. It's your air conditioner. You need it. Most people don’t really understand it and even if you do, the hard truth is … there’s not much there for a homeowner to mess with. Nevertheless, exactly because it’s complex, there’s the possibility of creating a large and potentially expensive Homeowner Ignorance Gap.

The Homeowner Ignorance Gap is a phrase Dean has coined to describe wherever a homeowner’s knowledge ends and their financial vulnerability at the hands of unscrupulous purveyors of home services begins.

So this post is here to help you understanding you AC unit.

Most American homes use a single stage compressor. Single stage compressors always operate at 100% capacity. They turn themselves on and off continuously throughout the day

Variable speed compressors work differently. Variable speed compressors longer run times dehumidify your home more effectively, making you feel cooler and more comfortable at higher temps.

So you've decided you need a new AC unit.

There's a few thing you should know first.

Whole house central air is not cheap. Systems can typically cost anywhere from $3000 - $10000 or more with the national average at about $5000.

Here are tips from Dean Sharp.

  1. Buy the highest SEER rating you can afford
  2. Don’t fall for oversizing the system
  3. Regardless of brand, best results come from factory authorized technician

Now that you have your AC, you need to care for it.

Change the Filter

Get the system Pressure Checked and Air Balanced

Keep the outside condenser clear & clean

Know where your secondary condensate drain is

Check ducts

Get a yearly checkup

DON'T close off room registers or obstruct with furniture, close too many doors, block the return air grill, AND let the house get too hot.

If you can't afford an AC unit. There are other options.

1. Whole House Fan

2. Shade

3. Evaporation

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