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Secrets Of A Successful Relationship With Your Contractor

This post isn't to bash contractors.

It's simply to explain how to maintain a successful relationship with your contractor.

For at least several weeks, sometimes even months you are putting your trust into a stranger. They are solely responsible for your most important and expensive possession: your home.

We've all heard the horror stories.

Dean Sharp is here to help you.

To start off there's four project killers that can ruin your relationship.

They are:

  1. Fear
  2. Ignorance
  3. Poor Communication
  4. Misaligned expectations & goals

Going into a new project with a contractor filled with fear is only going to cause you to spend more money.

A homeowner should know their home, if not rent. A dishonest contractor takes advantage of those with an "ignorance gap"

Poor communication with your contractor will cause more mistakes and make it hard to stay on top of things.

I know it's hard, but misaligned expectations and goals can lead to disappointment. Be sure to only pay for work completed correctly, but pay promptly.

When it comes to contractors though, it's important to be aware of the dangerous contractor personalities.

The more aware you are, the more prepared you can be.

They are:

  1. The Bully- leveraging your ignorance against you
  2. The Design Critic
  3. The Talker (Grandpa)
  4. The Eeyore
  5. The Distracted
  6. The No Show
  7. The UpSeller- avoid allowances
  8. The Leave You to Deal With My Guys

There are early warning signs of a bad contractor. They have a sudden decrease in their workforce for a project, change in demeanor, missing scheduled appointments, delayed material deliveries and failing to pay their subcontractors or suppliers on time.

The quicker you can detect these signs, the faster you can maintain your project.

BUT remember... sometimes the client is the problem.

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