Big Show Announcement

This Saturday will start the Saturday edition of "Home with Dean Sharp, the House Whisperer".

We will still have our regularly scheduled Sunday show that airs 9AM from 11 AM, but now we are adding Saturday's show that runs 6AM to 8AM.

It will be two completely different shows each day. So don't worry about Sunday being a repeat show. This gives us an opportunity to give our listeners more content, more fun all from our favorite Home expert.

Here's a note from the House Whisperer himself on the new Saturday show:

We’re excited to start our new Saturday morning show this weekend. Yes, it’s a bit early, 6-8, but just think, afterwards we’ll both be energized, inspired and encouraged, and still have the whole day to ourselves!
Saturdays and Sundays will both be the same ol’ HOME you’ve grown accustomed to. Both will be brimming with content and calls, but they’ll also be different shows with different topics and I trust each will evolve naturally into their own unique identity.
Sundayswill still end with some special thoughts to carry you into the week ahead, aka: “the homily,” and Saturdays will have a few surprises of their own and we’ll often wrap up with saying good morning to Bill Handel.
We’re not necessarily planning a common theme between the two shows each weekend but sometimes it’ll just happen organically. This week is one of those times! Both Saturday’s and Sunday’s shows are about Springtime and the opportunities it presents to move our homes into a closer, more harmonious relationship with the nature around us.
On Saturday we’ll discuss the critters that emerge this time of year that we either misunderstand or just don’t want around. On Sunday we’ll turn the table and talk about shaping our homes into habitats for those creatures we’d like to see more of outside our windows.
Thanks again for all your support! Honestly, no host on KFI has better listeners. We’re excited to serve you in this way and now to spend twice the time doing it!
See you Saturday morning, and welcome HOME!

As always, you can follow Dean Sharp, the House Whisperer, on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @HomeWithDean.

Missed the show? Don't worry you can podcast Home With Dean on the iHeart Radio app here.

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