@HOMEwithDean (1/20) Hyyge Show Homily

Welcome HOME. Here's this week's hygge show homily! 

I’m a believer in hygge, not because I long to be Danish but because I long to be more human.

Yes, I want to dream big dreams and set big goals, but I also want the depth and presence of mind to sit quietly, be present, and extract all the joy I can from life’s simplest pleasures. I want to be that rare person Blaise Pascal was talking about. The one who can sit quietly in a room alone and have it be enough. 

Enough … now there’s a word not commonly associated with being American. But perhaps that’s slowly changing.

At the beginning of the show I listed off ten of the hottest design trends, from minimalism to decluttering to hygge, and asked you to find the common thread running through them all. Perhaps the real thread is that they’re all trying to answer a question, and perhaps that question makes for the best kind of New Year’s resolution.

Instead of resolving to eat less or exercise more or get the promotion or even start the remodel, I’m going to suggest your first resolution for 2019 could be to find the answer to this question:

What is enough?

I cant help but remember a passage from a letter from the Apostle Paul to his apprentice Timothy where he said, “We brought nothing into the world, and we will carry nothing out of it. So if we have food and clothing with these we will be content. For those who want more can become ensnared by many foolish desires that lead to ruin.”

What is enough?

Careful … the answer to that question could change everything. 

I know this much, you and I may not have enough money or status, but we are surrounded by more small and simple things we could ever imagine. And if we were to learn how to simply “be” in all that simplicity, to extract the meaning from it all, appreciate it all, and learn to value and take joy in it all, then we might suddenly find ourselves healthy and wealthy beyond measure.

We might find that somewhere in the answer to “What is enough?” is hiding the secret to our deepest joy, our most meaningful relationships, and to building ourselves a beautiful life.

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