Gary and Shannon

Gary and Shannon

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#SmallBusinessShoutout - LJ's Lil'Cafe

This week on our #SmallBusiness, we talk to John Clarke and Lydia Holmes from LJ's Lil' Cafe located at a Home Depot in Cypress. Their breakfast burritos have been featured on Eater as one of the best breakfast burritos out there!

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Gary and Shannon's favorite was the OG, which comes with omelette style eggs, bacon, Portuguese Hawaiian sausage, mixed cheese, tots, and signature sauce! You can also check out their homemade chili cheese breakfast burrito (off menu).

Located at 5800 Lincoln Avenue in front of the Home Depot in Cypress!

Tues-Sat: 7:30am - 2pm


Place an order ahead of time 657-238-6110

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