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#StrangeScience - Webb Telescope New Images

JWST in outer space. James Webb telescope far galaxy explore. Sci-fi space collage. Astronomy science. Elemets of this image furnished by NASA

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Sea Cucumber’s Toxic Arsenal

Sea Cucumbers look like one of the world’s most defenseless creatures, but they have evolved many strategies to keep themselves safe. Sea Cucumbers have chemical compounds that create powerful attacks and are also important defense mechanisms. Anne Osbourn, and her team believe that understanding these intricate chemical compounds can be used in human health as emulsifiers or foaming agents.

Can your poop cure Diseases?

Bad gut health can cause many diseases but using good bacteria from others many of those diseases can be cured. Live bacteria in feces can treat diseases and ailments of the digestive tract. Many doctors have been transplanting feces from healthy donors to sick patients, usually through pills or colonoscopy, to restore gut health.

Starfish Embryo’s may be the template for self-assembling Nano bots

Starfish Embryo’s resemble tiny beads, and when multiple starfish embryos spin up to the water's surface, they gravitate to each other and assemble into a crystal-like structure. This collective "living crystal" can exhibit odd elasticity, and this self-assembling, assemblage could be applied in building robots.

Guest: Dr. Tiffany Katarina Exoplanet Scientist- Exploring the Webb telescope images

The Webb telescope cameras can look 13.6 billion years distant, which is the furthest into space we have ever been able to see. This weekend NASA released 5 images that show everything from the creation of stars to last pieces of a dying star. These 5 images have a lot to unpack, and Dr. Tiffany Katarina is going to tell us all about them.

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