#NNNYNTK -Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know

School Food - Chicken Nuggets

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Every Friday we bring you stories that have slipped though the cracks and we call them the Nine News Nuggets You Need. Here are the stories we found:

Honorable Mention: New Yorkers are joining a dating app called ‘Pure’ where ‘anything goes’

  • 9: Man marries 9 women to celebrate free love
  • 8: Florida man is arrested for humping someone’s dog and attacking the owner
  • 7: A bear takes a stroll through a 7-Eleven and opens a bottle of hand sanitizer
  • 6: UPS is sending their employees to ‘driver training bootcamp’ ahead of the holiday season
  • 5: Door dash driver drops off an order and then uses the restroom in a trash can
  • 4: Man in China is banned from an all you can eat buffet
  • 3: Woman in Texas throws a bowl of spicy soup in the face of a manger at restaurant
  • 2: Tik Toker accidentally swallows an Air Pod and manages to poop it out
  • 1: Man claiming to have the largest penis is tired of whipping it out

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