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#SmallBusinessShoutout - Groundwork Fitness in Long Beach

Photo Courtesy of Giovanna Ferraro, Owner of Groundwork Fitness in Long Beach

#SmallBusinessShoutout is back, brought to you by SoCal Edison!

We know COVID-19 has been incredibly challenging for so many small and local business owners across the country.

We like to highlight the ones here in our own backyard to help shine a spotlight on them, learn their story, and hopefully drive more business their way!

Today we spoke with Giovanna Ferraro (Gio), who owns Groundwork Fitness in Long Beach. Anybody else miss simple things like going to the gym whenever you wanted? Gio's been a personal trainer for 15 years, and has owned Groundwork Fitness for 8 years. Coming from a background as a firefighter, people were inspired by Gio's strength and motivation and this eventually led to opening a gym.

COVID-19 has completely changed the way Groundwork operates. Gio bought a used van and is creating a mobile fitness unit that will have weight racks, squat racks, a pull up bar and even a hanging boxing bag. This will allow people to do socially distanced workouts outdoors.

It's an incredibly challenging time for Gio and the gym to operate right now, with so much uncertainty and insufficient help from the government.

There's a lot to talk about, so listen to our interview with Gio and do what you can to help support Groundwork Fitness in Long Beach!

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