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Head of Hart High baseball, Jim Ozella, on making MLB-worthy players

Hart High School graduate Tyler Glasnow - Photo Courtesy Getty Images

It's pretty dang cool when local athletes get national attention. The other night during Game 1 of the World Series, Joe Buck took a minute to highlight Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Tyler Glasnow and the more than a dozen MLB players to come out of Newhall's Hart High School over the last 55 years.

Glasnow graduated from Hart in 2011 and was signed to the Pittsburgh Pirates as a fifth-round draft pick. Even though we're rooting for the Dodgers, it was awesome to see a local guy start a World Series game!

Jim Ozella has been head of Hart's baseball program and history teacher for the last 21 years. He's incredibly proud of his students, and right now is feeling the hurt most teachers are feeling during COVID-19. Baseball is online, which must be bizarre.

He told the LA Times his students have found ways to adapt the changes:

"Some go into a park. Some go in the front yard. Some go in the backyard. We’ve had a guy jumping rope in the living room. They’re in the garage with weights. I’m going to tell you this. The desire of our players to play and work out has never been higher. I’m very inspired by the efforts they’re making despite the obstacles.”

Ozella joined us too this afternoon to discuss Glasnow and the other players who have gone on from Hart to bigger and better things. Check out our interview below!

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