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Voter Fraud Deep Dive with Corbin Carson

Today KFI News' Corbin Carson joined us to start his seven-part series on voter fraud. Here's what part one is all about:

"Part 1 starts with a tour with Orange County Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley as he walks me through the life of a ballot from print to a voters mail box - then back hopefully in time to make a difference in the 2020 Election."

Then in part two, Corbin speaks with voters about voting by mail and the possibilities for fraud to occur:

"What is to stop a mailman, apartment manager or some other politically motived person along the mail route from dumping boxes of ballots in the trash? What about all the live ballots floating through the mail? What’s to stop a person from printing off a bunch of ballots and submitting them through the mail?
Part 2 listens to the concerns of these voters and then talks with the experts to determine if there are any protections in place to keep the election secure."

There's a lot to dive in to! Listen to our segments with Corbin from today's show, and listen to parts one and two of his series. We'll have him on again this Friday to hear parts three-five.

Click here for Part One

Click here for Part Two

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