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Friday is finally here! You can kick your shoes off and kick back on the recliner. Maybe you have a nice beverage in your cup holder? Good for you! We love Fridays because we spend the last two segments of the show discussing stories that we didn't get to during the week.

These stories are...different. They involve smuggling money in butts, yodeling, asbestos, and a lot more. They are the Nine News Nuggets You Need To Know, and we proudly present them to you now!


Honorable Mention - Rapper Who Bragged about Unemployment Benefits Scam in Music Video Arrested for Allegedly Bilking COVID-19 Jobless Relief Program

9 - Finger pointed at Swiss yodelling 'superspreader' concert

8 - A Boston news anchor says she was fired for appearing in an Adam Sandler movie

7 - Why the Canadian town of Asbestos wants a new name

6 - 'Where did it go?': Oshawa, Ont. homebuyers shocked after hot tub removed before closing

5 - Profanity filter blocks ‘bone,’ other terms at online paleontology conference

4 - Bay Village Priest says someone called police about a homeless person, but it was a statue of Jesus

3 - Police find cash hidden between Bolsonaro ally's buttocks

2 - Man with the golden bum: Smuggler is caught with 2lb of gold worth $60,000 in his backside after customs officers spotted his unusual walk at Indian airport

1 - Detroit woman says she woke up to pastor peeing on her on plane

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