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#TastyTuesday - Kraft ends its "Send Noods" ads

Kraft Heinz has pulled the plug on its latest campaign for its classic boxed macaroni and cheese. The "Send Noods" campaign apparently didn't go over well with people on social media.

Earlier this month the company started the campaign, which allowed people to send a box of macaroni and cheese to a loved one if they engaged online with Kraft using the hashtag #SendNoods.

Check out the commercial featuring Saturday Night Live's Vanessa Bayer:

It's actually kind of clever, but it didn't sit well apparently with people on social media. The ad was blasted for "sexualizing" macaroni and cheese.

Kraft listened to the complaints and decided it wasn't worth the headache, so they stopped the campaign entirely. We got into it more with Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra today, and we also discussed what a COVID Thanksgiving might mean for turkeys.

And why aren't people enjoying iceberg lettuce anymore? It's time for #TastyTuesday!

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