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Today we learned Gavin Newsom's first pet was an otter named 'Potter'

Thanks to an article in the LA Times this morning, we have more insight into Governor Gavin Newsom's love of nature and the environment.

Do you know what his first pet was? It wasn't a dog, it wasn't a cat, it wasn't even a bearded dragon. It was a river otter named Potter.

According to Newsom, when he was a boy he and the otter used to snuggle up in bed together. His father William Newsom, founded the Mountain Lion Preservation Foundation and worked on a ballot measure to protect them. His father also grew fond of the otters.

When asked about his dad and the otter, Governor Newsom said:

“Somehow, I don’t know how, he ended up with a river otter named Potter, who was my first pet."

His parents apparently had mixed feelings about the animal:

“There was the moment where the otter bit the mailman and my mother said, she said to my father, ‘It is either your son and daughter, or your damn otter.’”

We're no big fans of Gov Gav, but we have to admit a pet otter is pretty neat! We would like one.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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